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If you are a fan, or should I saw SUPER FAN, of Dexter, you will know first hand how addicting this show can be.  The drama of this show is like no other and season five is looking as though it is going to shape up as a very different, exciting, and suspenseful one.   The scenarios are going to be vastly unique, and Dexter Morgan I believe is going to have some surprises for us this year.  What are your thoughts on Dexter?   Leave your feedback below the article to keep this discussion going!

The Fifth season of Showtime’s Dexter has just aired, offering up a season of significant change for Miami Metro Police Department Forensic blood splatter expert Dexter Morgan. As it has done throughout it’s run on the cable network, Dexter offers viewers a wholly unique scenario with an unforgettable, engaging lead character. The series has managed to credibly develop Dexter’s plight and cause, and in each separate season, create suspense-rich episodes.

Morgan, played with a deft hand by former Six Feet Under star, Michael C. Hall is a serial killer with a strong conscience. Simply put, Dexter satisfies his maniacal urges by only killing proven murderers. Dexter’s father Harry, a police detective who imparted a strict code to which his son firmly adheres. Harry, although now dead, appears to Dexter, talking him through challenging times. (Harry is played with great restraint by actor James Remar, best known, perhaps, for his role as Samantha’s sleazy tycoon boyfriend Richard on “Sex & the City”).

Season 1 introduced Dexter, his adoptive sister Deb (played by Hall’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Jennifer Carpenter) who is a tough-as-nails cop, the “specter” of their father Harry, the very damaged Rita who Dexter dates, and co-workers at the police department. Season 1, Dexter chases the Ice Truck Killer and sticks very closely to the original source material, author Jeff Lindsey’s first “Dexter” book.

Dexter’s method is also presented: a remotely located, plastic sheeted “kill room,” photos of the victims, strapped to a table – a tightly plastic-wrapped killer who’s escaped police justice, a cut to their cheek, a blood sample on glass, and, before his kill, Dexter reminds them of why they are there, making them look at the photos of their victims that he’s posted up on the plastic “walls.”

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for storylines through Season 5, including the fifth season finale, of Dexter.]

In Season 2, Dexter’s nocturnal activities disturb Rita and he confesses he is a “drug addict.” He also gets involved with his British “sponsor,” Lila, who’s revealed to be insane. Deb, meanwhile, falls into an affair with FBI Agent Lundy (the most excellent Keith Carradine) while investigating the season’s killer: the Bay Harbor Butcher.

By Season 3, Dexter and Rita are doing well, but Dexter gets tied into an unusual relationship with the Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) who develops his own bloodlust. By the Season 3 finale, Dexter and Rita are married and Deb makes Detective.

The Trinity Killer was the focus of last season, Season 4. Played with eerie finesse by John Lithgow, the actor is unrecognizable as the comic performer who starred in “Third Rock From the Sun.” The season ends with Dexter’s personal life nearly perfect, until he discovers that even though he’s able to dispatch Trinity, it isn’t before he was able to get to Rita.

Few television season finales were as gasp inducing as Dexter’s Fourth season, with Rita, dead in their bathroom, their baby Harrison sitting, crying in a pool of her blood, mirroring Dexter’s own experience (he was discovered by Harry at the age of three, in a shipping container, his butchered mother beside him).

By Season Five, barely recovering from Rita’s murder and the rejection of his stepchildren, Aster and Cody, Dexter meets Boyd (Shawn Hatosy) and is led to Boyd’s “stash” of “barrel girls” (young blonds killed, placed in a barrel and dumped in a remote swamp). When he realizes that Boyd was one of several men who raped and tortured the dead women, he also inadvertently saves his last victim, Lumen (Julia Stiles). Lumen and Dexter then work together to reveal Boyd’s co-horts, who include the super successful motivational speaker and life coach, Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller).

And it was executed (pun intended) beautifully – Dexter’s relationship with Lumen is so slow and well choreographed, viewers never feel the sullying of Rita’s memory. He continues to prove to himself (and his continuing internal dialogue with Harry) that he clearly has a human side, and it is one of salvation and redemption.

Now, we just have to wait (too long) for Season 6 (which has been confirmed by Showtime).

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